Formed in 2004, Los Fantasticos are not exactly the world's hardest working guitar instrumental band. Nevertheless, their blend of twanging, reverb-heavy guitars, pounding drums, skittering bass rhythms and just a hint of Mariachi trumpet has earned them plaudits in many of the right places.


In 2005 Los Fantasticos appeared on the Beyond The Sea compilation (Cordelia Records) with a version, bizarrely enough, of Roger Whittaker's Mexican Whistler. "Beautiful," said Phil Dirt.

2005 also saw the release of Los Fantasticos debut album Cesare Gorgeous Presents... Return Of The Leopard Man (Hang9). "A delight to hear," cooed Pipeline Instrumental Review. "This is one of the best debut albums we've heard in like, forever," swooned "New" Gandy Dancer.


In 2006, Los Fantasticos returned with their second album, simply entitled Los Fantasticos (Hang9): "...this excellent set," according to Pipeline, "Excellent musicianship," so said "New" Gandy Dancer and, "There's lots here for the open-minded," if we are to believe the esteemed Mr Dirt.


Early 2009 saw the release of the Further Beyond The Sea compilation (Cordelia Records) featuring the band's version of Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head...


The third Los Fantasticos album Into The Infinity Tunnel With Los Fantasticos, was released in September 2009. "Wow! Into The Infinity Tunnel With Los Fantasticos is amazing! Incredibly strong arranging and playing, and plenty of original ideas to sink your teeth into," said Phil Dirt. "The combination of the two guitarists' different styles and sounds is a distinctive feature of the band, allied to their arranging skills and grasp of dynamics it gives them a unique appeal and tracks such as San Telmo and Johnny Got Murdered simply ooze atmosphere... mighty... fabulously exotic... excellent... magnificent," chimed in Pipeline.


In 2011 Los Fantasticos had a version of David Bowie's Lady Grinning Soul on a surf instrumental tribute to the great man, Ziggy Played Surf Guitaron Cordelia Records, while three tracks appeared on the split CD Il Triello on Deep Eddy Records.


In 2012 Los Fantasticos released their fourth album, the critically acclaimed, The Devil Went Down To George Street:
"Need a special treat? It's right here. I'll let you in on a little secret. This CD is going to give you a thrill and in mere moments you, too, are going be adoring Los Fantasticos. From Spaghetti Western to surf rock, the thirteen instrumental tracks that make up The Devil Went Down to George Street son muy Fantastico!" (Emma Jade Gunn -
"Los Fantasticos never ceases to impress and amaze me." (Brandonio Grainger - Rock Is Dead RIP).


2014 saw the release of Surfin' Jack Flash, an instrumental tribute to The Rolling Stones, on Cordelia Records, which featured Los Fantasticos version of Paint It Black.


In 2011 Los Fantasticos played at the Surfer Joe Summer Festivsal, in Livorno and also appeared at the 2015 North Sea Surf Festival at the Melkweg in Amsterdam.


In their usual lazy way, Los Fantasticos are writing the odd tune here and there and they continue to play the (very) occasional storming gig where you can experience their "savage protopunk surf thrash" (copyright Pipeline).